Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pretty Things

I make a lot of pretty things to share on Etsy, but I have a very non-pretty secret. My house is cluttered and messy. Between a busy 4 year old, and 2 adults who admit to be packrats, we had a major problem on our hands. I started dealing with this over the summer, with the addition of my work desk, and then I cleaned out our downstairs storage closet. This week, I started on our family room, dining room, and kitchen. Yesterday was dedicated to the prevention of paper piles.

I saw this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago (are you on Pinterest? I LOVE that website!!), and decided it was just what we needed. So for a couple of dollars, I got some thick cardstock, and covered a cereal box. I glued a bunch of magnets on the back, and this is where the mail will go. Every Day.

Ahhh, see my nice clean fridge? I took everything off of it, except for magnets that actually work, and important information that we want to keep at our fingertips. After the mail comes out of that box, it goes in a place either for bills to be paid, in to the shredder, in to a file, or in to the trash. No MORE PILES!!

I also cleaned and sorted things in our family room, and I'm starting work on the desk in the kitchen as well. I plan to do one level of the house each week, so I should be done in a few weeks. I feel a lot better about life in general after having even a small part of the house organized.

After all of that, I thought I'd show you something else I made (and please ignore the cords. They aren't pretty, but they are functional for our surround sound, LOL!).

You may recognize that little spider from my Etsy shop. He has yet to be adopted, so he's keeping my candy corn company. I got the instructions for the candy corn here. I had thought they might be a fun fine motor activity for my son, but he lost interest after about 3 wraps. Oh well.

I do have several new pieces made for my Etsy shop, and I'll do a separate post with those later so you can see them. I'm pretty excited about all of them!!