Monday, August 5, 2013

Something else

About a month ago, I decided that I was tired of looking at our front door.  I hopped on the painted front door wagon after a quick chat with the hubby.  He's colorblind, so he decided to trust me - our door needed painting anyways, and he approved of my choice.

Here's the "before" picture.  This was taken several years ago, but the front of the house looks essentially the same.

Here is the "after!  I didn't get across the street because there was too much glare, but I really love it!
I have black to paint the shutters, but I haven't gotten to that yet because it's gotten really hot in the past few days.  I think the blue door will be even more noticeable after we trim the hedges way back in the fall/winter.  I plan on doing the inside of the door too, but that's waiting until the boy is in school in 2 weeks.