Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A great find!

My son had the day off of school today (something about a professional day), and we decided to trek over to one of the large chain craft stores this afternoon. He likes going to this particular one, because there is SOOOO much to look at! I was on the hunt for some bird-themed stamps for my clay, and I decided to pass through the jewelry section as well, to see if there was anything interesting...

This is what I found!

Vintaj Natural Brass products and jewelry findings. I've been wanting to try some brass stuff out for a while, but I never wanted to order enough to make it worth my while. I had no idea it could be found in retail stores! And judging by the display, this is a new development, and it looks like they will be getting more stuff! Everything in the photo is earmarked for a couple of specific projects so far... A crafty friend mentioned rings with brass wire, so I think that will be my first project, because the other one I have in mind is a little more involved, and I have a few other things that need to be finished first.

Happy Crafting, everyone!

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