Monday, December 12, 2011

How about a giveaway?!?

I'm making up for my bloggy absence with TWO posts today!!

On Wednesday, my precious baby is turning 5. FIVE! I can hardly believe it!! I am so lucky to be his mom, because he is such a great kid. And he's just so handsome, too, isn't he? :-)

So, in honor of this momentous occasion, I've decided to celebrate! I'm going to give away TWO $5 gift certificates to my shop. All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me a birthday memory from when you were a kid, or about your own kids. Simple, right? That's all you have to do! And on Wednesday morning, I'll put all of your names in a bowl and let the birthday boy pick two out. All I ask is that you leave your email address in your post.


  1. When I was 15 I loved the color bright glow in the dark orange (hey, it was the early '90's!) My mother surprised me with a party and every single detail was crazy construction zone orange! There were 15 orange balloons with orange strings, orange plate, forks, napkins, tablecloths, every single detail was orange...and the funniest part? She bought me a dryer! As an over-dramatic teenager, I always complained about our Dryer and how it took forever to get my clothes dry so I couldn't wear my favorite shirt/skirt/whatever without a lot of had a giant orange bow on it and I loved it! Even though my friends thought I was completely insane :)

  2. It was my 29th birthday. I suspected that my boyfriend(now husband) was up to something. He surprised me with an engagement ring. Something I had been hoping for for years. It was the best birthday ever!

    twinmom511 at gmail dot com

  3. My golden birthday was at 6 years old. We had the party at my family cabin and my mom made sure every detail was something 6! My BFF (at the time) gave me 6 gifts. He mom made sure that the box sizes made a perfect pyramid! It was soooooo cool!

    Tiffany Olson

  4. Abby's first birthday was hilarious. She didn't want to eat her cake so all the pictures are of me holding her cake up to her mouth. Prissy pants!

    Heather Maguire

  5. I hope Im not to late to enter. My birthdays were all memorable! My birthday is on the 17th of December and my mom always made sure to always have our tree up! It was just part of my birthday. All of my friends always loved how beautiful our Christmas tree was. Sounds kind of weird that that is something memorable to me but every year I we had our tree ready to go for my birthday!