Friday, June 14, 2013

Blog slacker

I know, I KNOW!!  My only excuse, if you can call it that, is that since I last blogged, I was consumed with the boy's medical care after his fall, and then all of my and his end-of-the-school year stuff.  My poor Etsy shop has suffered from my busy schedule, and now that it's summer, I've lost pretty much all of my time to work on stuff.  I did manage to make these cute little leather link bracelets a few week ago.  I have some other stuff ready for listing, too, but need time to photograph and get that done.  I'm trying.

Those leather link bracelets are fun, right?  I made two for myself, ha!  My husband is out of town working right now, and my 6 year old is running me ragged, so I have a lot of ideas for new pieces, but no time or energy to create.  I guess I'll just have to find some time, because I really want to get back to work.  So stay tuned!  All of these pieces are listed in the shop.

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