Sunday, December 5, 2010


One of my favorite online bead suppliers recently ran a contest where they asked the entrants to submit a photo of their inspiration, and then a photo of what piece of jewelry they created based on that. I didn't enter because it occurred to me that I'm not inspired like that. I'm inspired by more abstract things, or by materials themselves. I find inspiration in clothing, and in trying to think of a piece of jewelry that will look nice with a certain type of outfit. Or I often see a piece of jewelry in a store or ON someone, and try to think of how I could put my own spin on it.

Take, for example, this necklace:

I saw those long, painted wood beads, and thought they seemed African, or tribal. Then I had to think of what I had that would go with them, after I decided what I wanted the piece of jewelry to be.

This next necklace was inspired by the materials as well. I REALLY wanted to make something with those Kumbara Jasper nuggets, and they looked really nice with the Garnet. Nothing too exciting about my creative process with that one, I guess!

I'd really been wanting to make a set of stackable bracelets, and these materials just sort of fell into my lap! I picked up the red and green squares at my local bead shop, with no real purpose in mind for them - I just thought they were pretty! The larger glass pearls were leftover from another project, and I just happened to see them next to each other, and decided that it was the perfect combination for a set of 3!

This necklace was actually inspired by a clay technique. It was my first attempt at it, and as I was working, I thought that it would look really nice with navy blue, as a pendant!

Ok, so this bracelet wasn't completely inspired by the materials, but by a sweater. I was itching to make... SOMETHING, and as I was pawing through my beads, my mixed strand of agate looked just lovely against my gray sweater. I thought a "sweater" bracelet shouldn't be something TOO intricate, so this is what I came up with!

So, here's my problem:
Ok, it's not a problem, exactly. It is a gorgeous, HUGE, sterling silver toggle clasp. It is obviously too large to be for a bracelet, so it will be for a necklace. I really want to use it, but, my inspiration is COMPLETELY lacking. I just have NO idea what to do! I could really use your help with this one!

SO, here's where the contest comes in! I need help. Leave me a comment telling me how you think I should use this clasp. If you have more than one idea, leave more than one comment! I may or may not use an idea I see here, or one may inspire me towards my finished product. I will choose the winning comment via on Sunday night (11/12), and the winner will get a $7 credit in my shop, good on anything $10 or more!


  1. It really is gorgeous. I would design a necklace around it where the clasp is the pendant (or the focal point, not put at the back but at the front). It could almost be used for a choker.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Stephanie! Put the clasp up front..maybe off to one side or make it a Y necklace....with some simple the pearls of your three bracelets! Its beautiful!

  3. It makes me think of Spring, and of my grandmother, so I see lavender, which was her favorite color. I also see pearls, so maybe some type of lavender pearl or pearlized bead? Maybe since it's such a large clasp, it could be a double strand necklace? I see it to be feminine and delicate, but not fragile, if that makes any sense. Something sturdy that can be worn by a mom and grabbed at, but can still look pretty at the same time!

  4. oooh I like this contest!
    Okay here is what I see. For me the clasp looks dainty, a little vintage and a little victorian. So I think I would add some pink and white pearls (possibly iridescent) maybe even a small pewter or metal bead or spacer with a matte finish. Maybe a cross or a polymer clay rose that would be front and center.

  5. a Y type necklace with lots of pink!!<3 bekki