Monday, May 16, 2011

Silver, *sigh*

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the cost of sterling silver is skyrocketing! When I started using sterling silver, it was around $14 per troy ounce (a measurement for precious metals), and now it is hovering around $40 a troy ounce, approximately 2 years later. I really love using sterling silver, but more than that, I really want to keep my prices affordable, while still making a little profit.

Recently, several jewelry supply companies have begun carrying a product called "sterling silver FILLED" wire. This has been expanded to small beads and clasps as well at some places. I'm including a link to one of the current suppliers, so you can see the difference between silver filled, and silver plated (which I don't use TOO frequently, due to it's tendency to rub off). You can read more about it HERE.

So, here's what I want to know - should I start integrating some of the sterling silver filled products into my jewelry (particularly the wire, but NOT ear wires or clasps) so that I can keep costs lower for my customers, or are you willing to pay more for true sterling silver? Please answer in the comments, and THANK YOU!!


  1. Tough Call. For someone like me that isn't a jewelry pro, I would probably never notice the difference. Since I'm just a causual jewelry girl, I would rather pay less per piece. Does that make sense? :/

  2. It is a tough call. Maybe a combo of both. That way, those, who like me, like to pay less, can find soemthing beautiful in their price range and those who will pay more to get true sterling silver because they are buying a gift for someone else, like my husband, can find something too. Just keep making your beautiful jewelry!