Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Filling the shop for the holidays!

I've been really busy lately, trying to stock the stop with new stuff for the holidays! I really love these two wrap bracelets because of the buttons I made, LOL! I added some macropearl powder to both buttons for some extra shimmer, and in the second bracelet, it mimics the hematite wonderfully!!

I love this little owl... this is a really fun little necklace!

This is one of my favorite things that I've made lately. It was hard to get the proportions right, with all of the large components - each of those nuggets is about an inch long! They are agate, by the way, and are just GORGEOUS! Anyways, this bracelet came about because of that clasp. I was wandering around my local bead store a couple of weeks ago with my mom, and came across this pewter toggle, so I got two of them. The owner of this bead store is really smart - a lot of her displays are stationary, but she takes a lot of products and moves them around the store pretty frequently, so even if a customer walks in, "knowing" where they need to go to find what they think they are looking for, they end up having to look around, and find something new and interesting! And that's how I came across those clasps, LOL!

All of these new things are listed on Etsy. Now that I've gotten all of those projects finished and listed, it's time to start on a personal project. I'm making my 5 year old son a new advent calendar, with bigger pockets for die cast cars. Wish me luck - I'm going to need it!

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