Monday, November 7, 2011

Hanging my head in shame

I'm so BAD! I could give you all of the excuses about how I was sick for most of last month, and then my parents were here... but, I still didn't blog, and I really meant to! So, to make it up to you, I'm going to offer food. Because food makes EVERYTHING better!

A couple of months ago, I came across a cheese soup recipe in a recipe group on Facebook. I really liked the recipe, but it just seemed like a cholesterol and fat bomb, which just doesn't fly in this house. It also included sausage balls as part of the soup, which sounded delicious, until I saw that the recipe called for the balls to be held together with cream cheese AND cheddar. That's a no-go. So I tweaked the recipe, and now I'll share it with you. Please remember that when cooking this, you can really make whatever adjustments you want, as long as it takes good to YOU. It won't hurt my feelings I promise!

This recipe made enough for one dinner, one leftover dinner, and 2 freezer dinners. I used it last night as a base for broccoli cheese soup, so you can pretty much add whatever you like to it!

Cheese Soup

1 small bag carrots
1 medium white onion
4 stalks celery
half head cauliflower (all of these veggies, chopped, made up about 8 cups of veggies)

Saute chopped veggies with about 1 stick of butter (or margarine) until tender.

Add approximately 6 T corn starch, and then blend your veggies.
Add 1.5 C chicken stock and continue to blend veggies until smooth.

Return soup base to pot, and add 4-5 C chicken stock, and 2 C skim milk. Cook over low heat until well blended.

Now, it's time for the cheese! I used 2C shredded sharp cheddar, and between 1 and 2 C Colby Jack cheese. I didn't measure the Co-Jack, because I was just adding until I liked the taste. I recommend you do the same, as you may like your soup more or less cheesy than we do. Cook until nice and melty, and then enjoy!

Also, this soup makes EXCELLENT leftovers. The leftovers are actually better than the first night, LOL!

Oh, and here are some pretty things I've put in the shop recently. I have a lot of different ideas swirling around in my head right now, and just not enough time to do it all. But I'm going to try!

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