Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Etsy-versary to ME!

Today, March 1, is my THIRD anniversary of selling on Etsy. In honor of this occasion, I am going to give away a prototype of a new product that i hope to have in my shop soon - a ring dish! This is great to have by your kitchen sink, so you can take off your rings while washing dishes, or on your bedside table to keep track of your rings when you go to bed.

The polymer clay dish goes from pink to yellow, and has a gold shimmer dust. The dish has been given several layers of a glossy finish.

(no, you don't get the ring - It's mine!)

All you have to do is leaving me a comment here. Nothing specific, just a comment to say hello! I'll announce the winner on March 8th. :-)

My other gift to you all is a COUPON CODE!!!! SOOOOOOO, if you want to save 20% for the next week on all ready-to-ship items (no custom orders - sorry!!), enter THIRTY at checkout. Happy Etsy-versary!


  1. I love this--very pretty--grreat idea.


  2. HAPPY Etsy-versary! Your stuff is so great! Keep up the good work!
    ~Tiffany Olson

  3. Oh I love this! Happy Etsyversary! :)

  4. I LOVE this ring dish! Orange is my favorite color and you really did a great job with the pretty!!!! :) Happy Etsyversary too!! Congrats!

  5. Yeah, I need this. It matches the color we're planning on making the kitchen, and I could then stop putting my rings on the recipe box when I cook. :)

  6. I love all your things :)

    Sue M

  7. Patty that is beautiful! I think I might need one!

    Heather M

  8. Patty, this is a darling little dish! Bravo!

    Beth from Richfield, MN